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Chairman of GME Mr. Stefaan Vandaele ceases his position – Mr. Juha Mäkinen elected as new Chairman

Growing Media Europe (GME) would like to communicate that its Chairman Mr. Stefaan Vandaele ceased his position from 25 May 2020, since he left Agaris Belgium in his function as CEO. In order to make the next step in this process GME Board Members have elected Mr. Juha Mäkinen as new Chairman of GME (Mr. Mäkinen is CEO of Kekkilä-BVB as well as has been a member of GME Board).

GME Secretariat shows its gratitude and recognition to Mr. Vandaele for his essential role and dedication towards achieving GME and growing media sector objectives during the past years.

We would also like to communicate that the official farewell of Mr. Vandaele will be held after the Summer break. We will soon provide further details.

Stefaan Vandaele: “” Being the Chairman of GME has been a true honour for me. I would like to thank the Secretary General and all those who have helped the sector making important steps forward towards a more sustainable way of growing food and ornamentals. I’m convinced that growing media will play an increasingly important role in the need for more sustainable and healthy fruit and vegetables and increased need for a greener environment to live in.”

Juha Mäkinen:

“Growing Media Europe has done excellent work in promoting sustainable horticulture. I´m grateful for the efforts that Mr. Stefaan Vandaele has put to this work. One of the main focus areas for us now is to support the achievement of EU´s Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategy goals. They are more important than ever for Europe and also for the growing media industry.”

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