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Update RPP Certification

Information from the secretariat on the state of affairs of Responsibly Produced Peat

This updates sent to RPP Bound, Committee of Experts, Inspection and involved organisations (peat producers organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, GME, IVG, VPN). Please forward this information, when considered useful and appropriate.


Introduction Maureen Kuenen

New certificates granted

Chain of Custody

Workshop 'Best practices in RPP certification': Your input

RPP happily informs you about current developments and an outlook to 2017. RPP is learning by doing and recent applications for certification, have offered new insights in RPP. certification. The increase in the number of applications for certification, also results in a larger diversity of specific circumstances and impacts. Some of the applications have been extensively discussed by the Committee of Experts and the RPP-Board. These processes require careful consideration.

The recent experiences are basis for improving the RPP Certification scheme. A new version of the RPP-scheme will become available this spring. This version will contain several new annexes with supportive information and guidelines for interpretation of criteria. The Board also decided to define criteria for the application of RPP-certified peat-products in growing media. The criteria for the 'Chain of Custody for RPP-certified products are largely defined A selection of companies and persons will be consulted before final introduction of the standard. The visibility of RPP in relation to growing media, is generally regarded as very important.

Maureen Kuenen, executive officer RPP

January this year I enthusiastically started to work for RPP. I'm a biologist and graduated from the University of Amsterdam Afterwards, I continued focussing on tropical marine ecology in the Caribbean. I have worked there among others in the fields of research, education & awareness, tourism and consultancy. Although I don't have my roots in the 'peat environment", I'm very interested and motivated to help with the further successful development of RPP. It's a beautiful initiative and I'm impressed by the positive efforts and commitment of all involved. My assignment is for 20 hrs/week. 1 usually work a full day on Thursdays and Fridays and spread the remaining hours over the other weekdays.

I'm looking forward to meet you in the near future! Meanwhile you can reach me by email on

Another seven locations RPP-certified

This month the board of responsibly produced peat granted 7 new locations with RPP certificates. The certificates will be issued shortly. In total 28 certificates are granted and several sites are still in the process to centification. The RPP-organisation has gained extensive experience over the last year and we welcome new applications

Chain of Custody

Furthermore the RPP-team is working hard on finalizing Chapter 6 (Chain of Custody and product-certification). In March-April the secretariat will be actively communicating with several stakeholders about possible practical impact of current ideas and proposals of the RPP-Board.

We strive for introduction of the RPP Chain of Custody and certified products soon!

Workshop 'Best practices in RPP certification"

During their meeting in December 2016 the Board concluded that practical situations differ from application to application. Questions and measurements cannot be answered in a standard way. RPP therefore needs to gain insight in "best practices' with regard to eg mitigation measures. The Board is considering to ceganise a workshop (possibly September 2017) for companies, consultants, authorities and other stakeholders with the objective to gain practical knowledge and experience. The "best practices thus achieved can be made accessible for parties involved and improve RPP practices.

Your input

Do you have questions, ideas or proposals regarding Responsibly Produced Peat, please contact the secretariat ( Your input is most welcome!

Registration: Chamber of Commerce/KvK-nummere Tel +36 740e (BTW) VAT NL830550

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