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Our Mission

Table of Content

1. Interest Representation

​2. Networking and Public Affairs


3. Service to the Members


4. Membership Development 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, on a European level, the interests of the growing media industry through obtaining optimum legislative conditions for the manufacturing and free trade of growing media playing such a crucial role in making our vision possible. The association will act as an interface between the industry, the European Institutions and other stakeholders ensuring a sustainable future for the growing media sector.

Interest Representation

We are actively influencing the policy processes related to growing media products by promoting policies and practices that improve conditions for the sector.

Networking and Public Affairs

We strive to become a well-known and highly respected focal point for political decision makers and other stakeholders whose interests touch upon topics linked to growing media.

Service to the Members

Our members benefit from a wide range of advantages and services. We function as a platform for the industry and provide our members with up to date information on relevant EU policies.

Membership Development

We strive to have member companies as well as associated members in all European Member States.

4. Membership Development 

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