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Growing Media and Protected Cropping as an Intregal Part of the Achievement of Sustainability Goals

With regards to the publication of the draft Action Plan for the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the draft Biodiversity Strategy this past 20 May, the European growing media sector is doing its outmost to ensure achieving the objectives set in both texts, as well as, to contribute to the overall protection of our health, environment, security of supplies, labour and achieving circularity. Growing Media Europe very much welcomes both strategies and suggests political decision makers on European and national level to support our sector and alternative food production systems for their success.

Is for this purpose that GME presents its resolution on growing media and protected cropping towards the draft Farm to Fork Action Plan and the draft Biodiversity Strategy.

The growing media sector is an essential part of the food supply chain. Growing media enables sustainable horticulture, as well as contribute to greening cities and afforestation (growing trees). Our products and protected cropping (growing plants in growing media in a protected environment (greenhouses)) are indispensable for producing more fruits and vegetables, while reducing food waste, ensuring food security, using less resources, pesticides and fertilisers, and using less arable land. Our sector considers itself a key player in the shift towards a more sustainable food production. Growing media also promotes sustainable food consumption, facilitating the shift towards healthy diets

Growing Media Europe is currently also developing an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology according to the PEFCR (Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules). This methodology, compares the environmental footprint of the different types of growing media.

For additional information and background on the topic, please view our sustainability agenda here: Growing Media Europe Sustainability Agenda published on 23 May 2019

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