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Terminology for the Growing Media and Horticulture Sector

Growing Media Europe presents its aligned terminology table for the growing media and horticultural sectors, which has been developed by GME Working Group Communication over the past months.

The purpose of the document is to cover the most important terms related to horticultural industry, growing media, and its constituents. With regards to the growing media constituents, the group covered the five most important constituents used for growing media: coir products, bark, wood fibre, compost and peat. When collecting all the necessary terms needed, the experts realized that more terms related to peat (and peatlands) are used in a different way, as for terms used for other constituents. Therefore, the chapter referring to peat and peatlands is more extensive than for the other constituents. This has nothing to do with a rating of importance of the different constituents. For Growing Media Europe all growing media constituents are equally important and essential. View the table in the document below.

Download PDF • 296KB

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