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Growing Tomato Plants


Mr. Tomi Koivula as new GME representative on the RPP Board

RPP is a certification system for the responsible use, management and restoration of peatlands in Europe. GME strongly supports RPP and encourages its further implementation within the growing media sector.

GME believes that peat harvesting can actually help achieving restoration targets if the RPP principles are followed:

✓ Only previously degraded peat bogs are used

✓ Optimum restoration is ensured, turning those peatlands into areas with a positive ecological impact, and maximising environmental benefits

Mr. Koivula, who was nominated to take over the role in the RPP Board at the end of 2020, was elected on 26 November 2020. He has a background in engineering and is working at Vapo Oy since 2013, now holding the position of Head of Delivery Operations and Development:

"I would like to thank GME and especially its Board Members for the trust and support that have led to my nomination. It is very exciting to get to be on the forefront of developing responsible peat production on an international level."

Peat has unique and invaluable properties in growing media use and as it is the biggest growing media raw material the future availability is crucial. To guarantee this we need to do our absolute best to ensure that peat production can be done in a responsible manner, both environmentally and socially. Peatlands and the ecosystems they hold have a huge impact on biodiversity both locally and on a global scale and it is adamant that these natural resources are utilized responsibly and working together according to the principles of RPP we can achieve this."


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