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Successful Start for Growing Media Europe

As announced earlier this year, Growing Media Europe AISBL has now officially been established as an international non-profit non-governmental organization. Succeeding the former European Peat and Growing Media Association EPAGMA, Growing Media Europe represents leading companies and associations active in the field of plant substrates and soil improvers all over Europe.

“It is with pride, enthusiasm and strong confidence that we announce the foundation of our own European stronghold representing the growing media industry. We are strongly determined to turn this into a great success!” said Norbert SIEBELS, the Chairman of Growing Media Europe, at the very first meeting of the new association.

The main objective of the new association is to promote optimum conditions and legislation for the manufacturing as well as the free and fair trade of growing media within Europe. Representing the common interests of its members and the wider growing media industry, the association acts as an interface to the European Institutions, national governments, the general public and other stakeholders.

Growing Media Europe upholds the principle of sustainability and is committed to the highest environmental standards.

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