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Organic Farming- Stop the Negotiations!

The members of Growing Media Europe AISBL urge the European Institutions to end the discussions on organic farming now. The proposal as it stands promotes unfair competition and hinders the development of the organic sector in the European Union.

After 17 trialogues held between November 2015 and today, no solution that would ensure a somewhat level playing field for producers of organic food across the Members States seems in sight. The existing lack of harmonization on EU level is not properly addressed, leading to market distortion and the eventual loss of consumer trust. The unequal regulatory treatment of EU production and third country imports will add to this confusion. At this stage, we fear that ideological as well political power struggles will lead to a foul compromise on the back of organic producers.

The organic sector needs a well-balanced and reliable legislative framework that is based on scientific evidence and that supports the best available growing techniques, providing environmental, societal and economic benefits.

We therefore call on the European Commission, the representatives of the Member States and the Members of Parliament involved to say no to a legislative proposal that risks hampering the development of organic production and consumption across Europe.

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