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A Festive Farewell for Norbert Siebels – Growing Media Europe's Chairman

During a celebratory dinner in Düsseldorf on 22 January, the Board Members of Growing Media Europe ISBL gave a solemn farewell to their longstanding chairman Norbert SIEBELS. On behalf of the Growing Media Europe members, the Board paid their tribute to his continuous commitment and remarkable achievements for the industry.

“Norbert has served the interests of our sector as Board Member, vice chair and later chair of EPAGMA and Growing Media Europe for more than a decade! His outstanding dedication has proven invaluable for our members and deserves great respect.”, stressed Stefaan VANDAELE, who took over the chairmanship of Growing Media Europe ISBL on 1 January. Norbert SIEBELS, who stepped down in preparation of his retirement end of 2019, had been active in the European representation of the growing media industry since 2014.

Addressing the Board, he underlined how “Even though the world of European politics can be cumbersome work by times, promoting our industry´s interests at EU level has been an exciting and always rewarding task for me. Being closely involved in European politics is more important for the future of our sector than ever, and I am grateful I had the chance to contribute to making our voice heard.” Norbert SIEBELS expressed his “sincere thanks to the members and Board members for the good cooperation throughout the years and best wishes of continuous success to Growing Media Europe.”

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